Product features
The latest IoT equipment equipped with a weight sensor
Easy to use just put it
Cable-less place to choose
Affordable implementation costs
Weight management is also possible with multiple mats
Solution outline
Through the use of Smart Mat, automate inventory management and ordering work · Province labor saving
  • The mat measures the remaining amount and number at a certain frequency and notifies the server. The remaining amount history can be utilized as data
  • Visualizes Inventory Quantity and Number on Web Screen. Notifies via Alert When Falling Below Threshold
  • Mail · FAX · Web ordering (Amazon) compatible. Fraction processing, API cooperation, customization such as Web ordering
In a wide range of industries
We can solve problems of inventory management · inventory · ordering
Copy paper
Water server replacement
Retail · Service
Printed matter
Register consumables
Packaging materials
Commercial detergent
Coffee beans
Store material
Retail products
Food appreciation
Time limit management
Liquid trash
Remaining capacity management
Hospital / nursing care
Miscellaneous goods / hygiene goods
Sterile detergent
Business Diaper
Hospital logistics management
Factory / Logistics
in the factory
Indirect material
Work in process
Location management
Production machine
Cardboard materials
General consumer
Smart Home
Kitchen integrated type
Kerosene Delivery
Storage integrated
Provide many benefits to users with the latest IoT equipment
Reduction of management and human costs
Automatic order confirmation · order placement
Eliminates Order Mistake
Prevents Stockout + Maximizes Sales
Unified management of remote inventory can be done in the management screen
Utilizing accumulated data, it is also possible to manage optimum stock / sell-by date
Smart Mat in 2 minutes
It is available only by placing it. Easy to install
  • Setting completed in 3 minutes in minimum
  • Easy to operate without leaving
  • Automated inventory management and ordering
Reinforced top glass and resistant to chemicals and shocks
Heavy objects can be managed with multiple mats
Two sizes of A3 and A4 can be used. Use properly according to the purpose
Visualization of inventory status is realized on Web management screen
Case study
Since the service started in October 2018, introduction to many users advances
Featured Cooperated Services
Cloud BtoB Order System
MPS (Multi Platform System)
KDDI IoT Cloud
Mat sensor
Automatically reorder to Amazon
Amazon Dash Replenishment
Copy paper automatic delivery service
with Smart Mat
Efficient stock management · inventory · ordering work can be realized at low price
We will send detailed materials such as hardware, management software, usage fee, introduction examples.
For details, please contact [Request Information].
We will send detailed information on service contents · price · case examples. Demo request, quotation and consultation of distributor are also possible.
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