Automatic Order and Inventory Management by SmartMat (IoT)

The latest IoT device SmartMat automatically weighs the remaining %/units of daily consumption products or any materials. On top of visualizing real-time inventory, SmartMat enables to implement "Automatic Order" with no difficulties. Implemented in a wide range of places incl. office, restaurant, factory, warehouse, retailers, and hospital. An IoT streamlines daily tasks and optimizes storage level, and solving labor shortage.​ ​

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IoT equipment Smart mat

SYSTEMSystem Architecture

  • 1Mat Delivery

    When the SmartMat arrives, put in the battery and connect it to the WiFi. After registering the item and the location, the only you have to do is to put the SmartMat under the item.

  • 2Notify the Residual #/unit

    Even without doing anything, Matt measures the remaining amount with a constant measurement frequency and notifies the cloud server. The remaining amount history remains as data.

  • 3Visualization and Alert

    Web-based software visualizes the real-time inventory in % of full volume or in # of units. It alerts when item volume falles behind (or exceeds) the preset threshold.

  • 4Auto Order (Replenishment)(※option)

    Automatic order from the e-commerce site, via e-mail, and via FAX are available. Can be customized in ordering timing, rounding, and ordering volume.

  • 5Product Delivery / Order (Replenishment)

    The product is delivered from the shop you always make purchase. All you have to do is put the products on the mat again.

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  • Efficient inventory and remaining capacity check
    Automate Cumbersome Inventory Management
  • Automated Ordering Work
    Automated Ordering Work
  • Improve Efficiency and Productivity of Sales and Replenishment
    Improve Efficiency and Productivity of Sales and Replenishment
  • Eradicate Order Mistake
    Eradicate Order Mistake
  • Maximize sales opportunities
    Prevent Stockout + Maximize Sales
  • Reduction of inventory space and waste loss
    Reduce stock space and​ ​
    Decrease Waste Loss


IoT equipment Smart mat
  • 2 Size Available: A3 (40cm × 30cm) and A4 (30cm × 20cm)
  • Cable-less with WiFi and dry-cell batteries. SmartMat can be put anywhere
  • High Durability + Splash-proof (IPX 3)
  • Corresponds to Japan, USA, China, Taiwan

To the function detail

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CASECase Study

Office IoT Restaurant IoT

Smart Factory Logistics IoT Distribution IoT

Smart Hotel Medical IoT

Care IoT Smart Home

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  • Utility
  • Ozax
  • KDDI
  • Fuji Xerox
  • Japan Stelli
  • PLUS
  • Sojitz
  • Shinkachi eatery
  • Wushin Industry
  • English-Japanese
  • Media Wave
  • Netland
  • Gakken

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COOPERATED SERVICECooperation service

  • Ozax Corporation

    Cloud type B to B ordering system
    MPS (Multi Platform System)

  • KDDI Corporation

    KDDI IoT cloud
    ~ Mat sensor ~

  • Amazon Japan Limited Liability Company

    Amazon Dash Replenishment
    Automatic reordering of drinks and office sanitary goods


  • World Business Satellite

    TV Tokyo "World Business Satellite"

    Broadcasted on 2017.09.12
  • News Morning Satellite

    TV Tokyo "News Morning Satellite"

    Broadcasted on 2018.02.21

Media Coverage

  • Nihon Keizai Shimbun
  • Nikkei Trendy
  • Nikkei Business Daily
  • Nikkei Technology online
  • ITmedia
  • @ DIME
  • ITpro
  • excite news
  • Mail order newspaper
  • Impress Watch
  • Nippon Travel agency newspaper
  • My navi news
  • goo news
  • Home Appliances Watch
  • @nifty news
  • Sankei Biz

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PLANPrice Rate

  Our Service Plan for Corporate Customers
Monthly Fee 500〜1,000JPY / unit / month
Subject to # of installation. 12 months fee shall be paid at installation.
Initial Registration Fee 200KJPY50 000JPY [Opening User Account and ID Issuance]
Initial cost
SmartMat Delivery Cost

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Detail request, free lending, details of management software / customization is in the document
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Automatic reordering solution compatible with Amazon Dash Replenishment using smart mat was published in Nihon Keizai Shimbun
"Smart Mat" starts service correspondence to "Amazon Dash Replenishment (DRS)" - Automatically goes through re-ordering letters, consumables come from ~
Our solution and service of Smart Mat was posted on N-LIO 【Hutmono interview】
Posted on Small Business Promotion Public Corporation website
Our IoT product Smart Mat was nominated for Edison Award in 2019
Improve efficiency of work. Business collaboration with Ozax
Full-fledged Service of New IoT Device "SmartMat" to be Launched from October, 15, 2018
Smart Shopping will exhibit at CEATEC Japan 2018
Smart Shopping will exhibit at #4 IoT/M2M (Japan IT Week Autumn)
Smart Shopping will exhibit at Consumer Electronics Show 2019
[IT Implementation Subsidies] IoT Device SmartMat was selected as the service line-up for IT Implementation Subsidies
Smart Shopping was selected as hands-on support for "New Exporting Consortium" by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
Smart Shopping was selected as a partner company by Japan's SoftBank for their IoT partnership program.
The introductory session of SmartMat at Monozukuri Hub Meetup was posted On THE BRIDGE's website.
SmartMat was posted on the website of EARTH KEY LAB
SmartMat was introduced at the Nihon Keizai Shimbun morning edition.
Smart Shopping will exhibit at the exhibition "CES ASIA" held in Shanghai, China.
SmartMat was adopted by NTT West 's "A Little-Better Life Creation Project" for the proof-of-concept.
Smart Shopping was nominated for "CES ASIA Startups Awards".
Smart Shopping will exhibit at "Wireless IoT Expo" exhibition held at Tokyo Big Sight.
Smart Shopping will exhibit at exhibition "IT Week: IoT / M2M exhibition" held at Tokyo Big Sight.
Our president Hayashi appeared in "Daiwa Innovation Network" organized by Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd.
Our representative forest appeared in "Hardware Cup Final 2018" held in Pittsburgh, USA.
Our president Hayashi won the 3rd prize at Monozukuri-Hardware-Cup-2018 held in Osaka.
Our president Shiga appeared on TV TOKYO 's "Morning Satellite".