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Simpler and cheaper than RFID
Inventory management IoT using RPA

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Comparison with conventional stock management

 Accurate, low price, easy from RFID, WMS, barcode, inventory control table Service of all time. It is different from the conventional stock management system, and both the introduction hurdle and maintenance work are both easy and inexpensive, so you can start right away.

Accuracy price Trouble
Smart Mat Moth
Automatic measurement
Monthly 498 yen ~ / unit · month
Leave only ・ Battery replacement only
Inventory table + Excel Moth
Missed entry, posting error
However, labor costs are high
Work every time you move in and out
Barcode reader
Quantity error, scan leak
Leader 5,000 yen / / unit + software fee
Work every time you move in and out
Tag 50 yen ~ / sheet + leader 100,000 yen ~ / unit
It takes a lot of time to attach tags

The details of the service contents are in the document

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Inventory management with zero inventory

Smart mat equipped with weight sensor saves remaining data in RPA software on the cloud.
Display a list on the web management screen, check remaining amount, manage order A dreamlike service that delivers consumables just by waiting

Smart mat service introduction
  • 1Remaining Amount Notification

    The mat measures the remaining amount with a certain frequency. Data storage in the cloud via the Internet

  • 2Remaining Visualization & Notification

    Make the remaining amount of stock visible in the web management screen. Alert me when below threshold

  • 3Auto Reorder (Replenishment)

    We cope with mail, FAX, Web ordering (Amazon etc.). Easy setting of timing / text etc.

The details of price, management software, cost effectiveness are in the document

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Smart mat = IoT scale dedicated to stock

Compatible with all industries and products. Battery-powered IoT scale dedicated to inventory.
It can be placed in any place, such as a warehouse, office or refrigerator, for easy inventory management.

IoT equipment Smart mat
  • - Standard size that can correspond to various large and small products

  • - Two of A 3 (40 cm × 30 cm) and A 4 (30 × 20)

  • · A huge product can measure the remaining amount with multiple mats

  • · WiFi and battery with no cable. Position no choice

  • · High durability + drip-proof (IPX 3)

  • ・ Remaining data is stored in RPA software on the cloud via the Internet
Item Service
Product Name SM-W31 (smart mat A3 size) SM-W41 (smart mat A4 size)
Dimensions 400 x 300 x 30 mm 300 x 200 x 30mm
Minimum Measurable Capabilities Per 100g Per 10 g
Maximum Measurable Weight 100 kg 30 kg
Minimum Measurable Weight 100 g 10 g
Body Weight Approximately 2.4 kg (body only) Approximately 1.3 kg (body only)
Communication System WiFi 2.4 GHz
Power Supply 4 AA batteries. 6V AC adapter (sold separately) is also available
Battery Duration Approximately one year (measured four times a day)
Performance Condition 0C to 35C / 30 to 85% RH
Storage Condition -20 to 60C / 10 ~ 95%RH
Waterproof Performance IPX3 (vertical ± 60 ° spray water OK)
Communication Authentication (Acquired) Japan, the United States, China, Taiwan
Communication Authentication (Pending) Europe, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines
Accessories AA batteries (not enclosed if overseas), quick start

The details of price, management software, cost effectiveness are in the document

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Merit · Effect


Ideal for sites suffering from labor shortages, work style reforms and ordering errors. Mechanized and automated ordering / inventory, remote monitoring of stock, shortage of stock, and excess stock prevention.
Helps to improve bottlenecks, shorten lead times, and achieve QCD balance

  • Efficient inventory and remaining capacity check
    Automates Inventory Check
  • Automates Replenishment Work
    Automates Replenishment Work
  • Improve efficiency of route sales and replenishment
    Improves Delivery & Supply Efficiency
  • Eliminates Order Mistake
    Eliminates Order Mistake
  • Maximize sales opportunities
    Prevents Stockout + Maximizes Sales
  • Reduction of inventory space and waste loss
    Reduces Stock Space and​ ​
    Decreases Loss

The details of the service contents are in the document

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Abundant case


As long as there is stock such as office, factory, distribution, nursing care, hospital, we use in all types of industry

Introduction record


There have been numerous introductions to industry No. 1 companies such as telecommunications carriers, electric manufacturers, printing companies, and EC operators

  • Panasonic
  • Eny
  • Dentsu
  • Utility
  • Ozax
  • KDDI
  • Fuji Xerox
  • Japan Stelli
  • PLUS
  • Sojitz
  • Shinkachi eatery
  • Wushin Industry
  • English-Japanese
  • Media Wave
  • Netland
  • Gakken
  • Uzabase
  • Ameroid
  • Pocketconcierge
  • Ascle
  • iQlabo
  • Alpha Point Corporation
  • TGV Service Co., Ltd.
  • Limited company Fukui office machine

The details of price, management software, cost effectiveness are in the document

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Featured Cooperated Services

  • Ozax Corporation

    Cloud BtoB Order System
    MPS (Multi Platform System)

  • KDDI Corporation

    KDDI IoT Cloud
    ~ Mat Sensor ~

  • Amazon Japan Limited Liability Company

    Amazon Dash Replenishment
    Auto Reorder of Drinks & Office Sanitary Items

  • ASKUL Corporation

    Copy paper automatic delivery service
    with Smart Mat

Featured Media


Nikkei Shimbun, World Business Satellite, and other major business magazines and trade publications

  • World Business Satellite

    TV Tokyo "World Business Satellite"

    Broadcasted on 2017.09.12
  • News Morning Satellite

    TV Tokyo "News Morning Satellite"

    Broadcasted on 2018.02.21
  • J: COM Daily News

    J: COM Daily News (Minato / Shinjuku)

    Broadcasted on 2018.10.18

Other Featured Media (Excerpt)

  • Nihon Keizai Shimbun
  • Nikkei Trendy
  • Nikkei Business Daily
  • Nikkei Technology online
  • ITmedia
  • @ DIME
  • ITpro
  • excite news
  • Mail order newspaper
  • Impress Watch
  • Nippon Travel agency newspaper
  • My navi news
  • goo news
  • Home Appliances Watch
  • @nifty news
  • Sankei Biz

The details of price, management software, cost effectiveness are in the document

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Price plan

Impact Price Inventory Management Solution. SIM router card, generous support to offer all communication charges free of charge

  Service Plan
Monthly Fee 498 Yen / base, month ~
12 months prepayment (annual contract)
Premium support (required only for the first time) 150,000 yen
[Test item 5]50,000 yen
SIM router loan free
Wi-Fi access point loan free
SIM card loan, communication charge free
Matte shipping and return costs Actual Expense

Detailed rate plan is in the document

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Decided to exhibit at Interop Tokyo 2019
Decided to exhibit at Innovfest Unbound, one of Southeast Asia's largest innovation events
The 28th Japan IT Week [spring] late ~ AI · business automation exhibition, mail order solution exhibition ~ decision to be decided
Cross-border open innovation event “Rock Thailand”
Our IoT product "smart mat" won the "Bonson Prize" in the 2019 Edison Award INNOVATION SERVICES category
I participated in the award ceremony of EY Innovative Startup 2019
Our IoT product smart mat has been published in the February 2019 issue of sales promotion conference
Exhibited at the 28th Japan IT Week Spring [IoT / M2M Exhibition]
Awarded “EY Innovative Startup 2019”
Notice of execution of fund raising (loan) totaling 82 million yen
ASKUL Corporation Announces the Start of Automatic Delivery Service for Copy Paper Using Smart Mat
Consumer Electronics Show 2019 (USA) Exhibit Report
Our Auto-Replenishment Solution via Amazon DRS with Smartmat was featured by Nihon Keizai Shimbun
Our IoT Product Smartmat Now Connectable with Amazon DRS - Automatic Reorder via
Improve Efficiency of Order and Inventory Management - Announced Business Alliance with Japan's Ozax
Our Inventory Management and Auto-Replenishment Solution with Smartmat was featured by Nihon Keizai Shimbun
Full-fledged Service of New IoT Device Smartmat to be Launched from October, 15, 2018
[IT Implementation Subsidies] IoT Device Smartmat was selected as the service line-up for IT Implementation Subsidies
Smart Shopping Was Selected as a IoT Program Partner by SoftBank
Smartmat Posted in Nihon Keizai Shimbun Morning Edition
Smartmat Solution Was Selected for "A Little-bit Better & Future Life Creation Project" by NTT West
Our Representative Mr. Hayashi Spoke at "Hardware Cup Final 2018" Held in Pittsburgh, USA