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Simpler and cheaper than RFID
Inventory management IoT using RPA

  • IoT scale dedicated to stock
  • RPA software that can be used in all industries
  • Inventory and ordering are fully automatic
  • Easy to use · 500 yen / month ~ can be used

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Comparison with conventional stock management

 Accurate, low price, easy from RFID, WMS, barcode, inventory control table Service of all time. It is different from the conventional stock management system, and both the introduction hurdle and maintenance work are both easy and inexpensive, so you can start right away.

Accuracy price Trouble


Smart mat

Automatic measurement

Monthly 498 yen / unit

left there

Inventory list

Entry errors / transcription errors

Labor costs are incurred

Work every time you move in and out


Quantity error

take time


100,000 yen / unit

Time for tag attachment

The details of the service contents are in the document

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Inventory management with zero inventory

Smart mat equipped with weight sensor saves remaining data in RPA software on the cloud.
Display a list on the web management screen, check remaining amount, manage order A dreamlike service that delivers consumables just by waiting

Smart mat service introduction
  • 1Remaining Amount Notification

    The mat measures the remaining amount with a certain frequency. Data storage in the cloud via the Internet

  • 2Remaining Visualization & Notification

    Make the remaining amount of stock visible in the web management screen. Alert me when below threshold

  • 3Auto Reorder (Replenishment)

    We cope with mail, FAX, Web ordering (Amazon etc.). Easy setting of timing / text etc.

The details of price, management software, cost effectiveness are in the document

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Smart mat = IoT scale dedicated to stock

Compatible with all industries and products. Battery-powered IoT scale dedicated to inventory.
It can be placed in any place, such as a warehouse, office or refrigerator, for easy inventory management.

Smart mat introduction video
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  1. 大小様々な商品に対応できる規格サイズ
    - A3(40cmx30cm)とA4(30x20)の2つ
  2. 巨大な商品は複数マットで残量計測も可能
  3. No cable with WiFi and batteries. Position no choice
  4. High Durability + Splash-Proof (IPX 3)
  5. 残量データはインターネット経由でクラウド上のRPAソフトウェアに保存
Item Service
Product Name SM-W32 (Smart mat A3 size) SM-W42 (Smart mat A4 size)
Dimensions 400 x 300 x 30 mm 300 x 200 x 30mm
Minimum Measurable Capabilities Per 100g Per 10 g
Maximum Measurable Weight 100 kg 30 kg
Minimum Measurable Weight 100 g 10 g
Maximum measurement error 0.3 kg (when 20 kg is loaded), 0.5 kg (40 kg), 0.7 kg (60 kg), 1.1 kg (100 kg) 40 g (when 5 kg is loaded), 60 g (10 kg), 110 g (20 kg), 160 g (30 kg)
Body Weight Approximately 2.4 kg (body only) Approximately 1.3 kg (body only)
Communication System WiFi 2.4 GHz
Signal strength Stable connection in RSSI -80 or higher environment
Power Supply 4 AA batteries. 6V AC adapter (sold separately) is also available
Battery Duration Approximately one year (measured four times a day)
Performance Condition 0C to 35C / 30 to 85% RH
Storage Condition -20 to 60C / 10 ~ 95%RH
Waterproof Performance IPX3 (vertical ± 60 ° spray water OK)
Available countries Japan (Japan), United States (US), China (China), Taiwan (Korea), Thailand (Thailand), Singapore (Singapore), Vietnam (Vietnam), Malaysia (Malaysia), Philippines (Philippine), Europe (EU)
Accessories AA batteries (not enclosed if overseas), quick start
JAN / EAN 4582548120328 4582548120427

The details of price, management software, cost effectiveness are in the document

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Merit · Effect


Ideal for sites suffering from labor shortages, work style reforms and ordering errors. Mechanized and automated ordering / inventory, remote monitoring of stock, shortage of stock, and excess stock prevention.
Helps to improve bottlenecks, shorten lead times, and achieve QCD balance

  • Efficient inventory and remaining capacity check
    Automates Inventory Check
  • Automates Replenishment Work
    Automates Replenishment Work
  • Improve efficiency of route sales and replenishment
    Improves Delivery & Supply Efficiency
  • Eliminates Order Mistake
    Eliminates Order Mistake
  • Maximize sales opportunities
    Prevents Stockout + Maximizes Sales
  • Reduction of inventory space and waste loss
    Reduces Stock Space and​ ​
    Decreases Loss

The details of the service contents are in the document

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Abundant case


As long as there is stock such as office, factory, distribution, nursing care, hospital, we use in all types of industry

Opportunity of introduction

Store clerk icon

Eating and drinking

Eating and drinking

I want to streamline the management of perishables, but I am in trouble because I can not attach RFID to food

Office icon


Information distribution
Corporate Affairs Department

There is frequent contact with the general affairs department from each department for ordering / refilling requests for copy paper, which is a burden

Logistics icon


Leading logistics
Company planning

We want to reduce the number of deliveries and expenses even a little due to labor shortage and increase of delivery cost

Nurse icon

Nursing care

   Care business

Increasing the efficiency of the back office at the care site is untouched, leading to an increase in the work burden at the site

Introduction record


There have been numerous introductions to industry No. 1 companies such as telecommunications carriers, electric manufacturers, printing companies, and EC operators

  • Panasonic
  • Eny
  • Dentsu
  • Utility
  • Ozax
  • KDDI
  • Fuji Xerox
  • Japan Stelli
  • PLUS
  • Sojitz
  • Shinkachi eatery
  • Wushin Industry
  • English-Japanese
  • Media Wave
  • Netland
  • Gakken
  • Uzabase
  • Ameroid
  • Pocketconcierge
  • Ascle
  • iQlabo
  • Alpha Point Corporation
  • TGV Service Co., Ltd.
  • Limited company Fukui office machine
  • 株式会社シージェイシステム

The details of price, management software, cost effectiveness are in the document

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  • Ozax Corporation

    Cloud BtoB Order System
    MPS (Multi Platform System)

  • KDDI Corporation

    KDDI IoT Cloud
    ~ Mat Sensor ~

  • Amazon Japan Limited Liability Company

    Amazon Dash Replenishment
    Auto Reorder of Drinks & Office Sanitary Items

  • ASKUL Corporation

    Copy paper automatic delivery service
    with Smart Mat

Media publication information (excerpt)


Nikkei Shimbun, World Business Satellite, and other major business magazines and trade publications

  • World Business Satellite
  • Morning satellite
  • TV Asahi
  • Nihon Keizai Shimbun
  • Nikkei Business Daily
  • Nippon Travel agency newspaper
  • Sankei Biz
  • Nikkei Technology online

Voice of introductory customer

Smart mats are useful for the troubles of various customers such as labor shortage elimination, shelf life management and remote monitoring.
Even compared to RFID and cameras "Easy to implement simply by placing under inventory" We will hear your voice well.

Reseller Icon

Easy introduction

Sales agent

The price is reasonable compared to RFID and cameras. Initial setting was easy, and it was possible to set immediately. As the remaining battery level can also be remotely monitored from the management screen, maintenance burden is also small

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With the addition of new features as of every month, I am surprised at the speed of response. As we share development plans, we are considering introducing them at other sites in stages.

Wholesale icon

Efficiency improvement


Now that the end user can check the remaining amount of goods handled at the desk, it has led to the optimization of delivery and replenishment

Wholesale icon



There was concern because it was a solution introduction that nobody knew, but the sales and CS teams both responded in a friendly manner

Examples, prices, details of management software in the document

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Price plan

Impact Price Inventory Management Solution. SIM router card, generous support to offer all communication charges free of charge

  Service Plan
Monthly Fee 498 Yen / base, month ~
12 months prepayment (annual contract)
Premium support (required only for the first time) 150,000 yen
Special plan [Trial 5]free
SIM router loan free
Wi-Fi access point loan free
SIM card loan, communication charge free
Matte shipping and return costs Actual Expense

Detailed rate plan is in the document

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